About Us

Historically Modern Designs

What drives us

When we started Historically Modern Design, we did so out of a passion for creating drinkware that you can’t just find in a big box store. We wanted to craft beautiful and elegant mugs, smooth glasses, and sophisticated kitchen products that people love both for their functionality and their unmatched quality.

That’s why we work hard to bring our customers dishware they simply can’t find other places; be it the stylish décor, unbeatable durability, long-term reliability, or functional daily use.

Every product we make isn’t about simply checking a box and calling it a day; we take our time to choose products that people care about and actually want in their kitchens, wet bars, or homes. That’s because just like you, we want to line our shelves with cups, mugs or dishes that we’ll use and that make guests feel comfortable and welcome.

At Historically Modern Design, we will always strive to provide our customers with more than just basic, everyday products. We want to give you a reason to share that next cup of hot tea, tell a story over some cocoa, or have a good laugh and unforgettable time when you’re ready to have a few shots or mixed drinks.

If beauty, reliability, and modern design are all factors in how you choose your dishes, then Historically Modern Design is here to help you pick the right dishware for your home.