The Oaxaca Tequila and Mezcal Glass - Set of 2

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Unique, Modern Copita to Explore Your Next Mezcal or Tequila


  • THE ONLY GLASS FOR MEZCAL: Inspired by the original design of the Mexican Copitas, this elegant glass is carefully made to maximize the pleasure of any Mezcal connoisseur. For an authentic and yet modern glass, this is a bar cart essential!


  •  FOR A UNIQUE DRINKING EXPERIENCE: Featuring a shallow bowl design, this elegant spirit glass allows the unique aromas of Mezcal to be closer to your nose, for a rich flavored sip every single time. Additionally, the wide rim of the glass prevents the concentration of alcohol vapor, making it so that every sip is an experience.


  • THE OPTIMAL DIMENSIONS: This sturdy and stylish glass is 4” in diameter, 2.5” tall, and holds approximately 4.5 oz of spirits, allowing enough room to even add some ice cubes for a chilled drink. The glass weighs approximately 10oz, heavy enough to feel luxurious and significant in your hands!


  • A WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA: This gorgeous glass can be a thoughtful present for any mezcal lover. The beautiful presentation of our glasses can be further enhanced by pairing the gift with an authentic Mezcal. Cheers!

Customer Reviews

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Linda U.

Beautiful to handle, elegant to serve, offers a delicious experience to fine tequilas. I received these unique and beautifully crafted glasses as a gift and love them so much that I have ordered more as holiday gifts for my favorite people!

Richard L.
Up your tequila game!

Time to drink high-end anejo the right way. What's the right way? Out of these gorgeous glasses, of course. Get yours now and do it right!

Bethanne F.
Beautiful glass

These are beautiful, well made glasses. We weee so pleased with ours that we have since purchased more for gifts!

Dave T.
A Must Have on Your Bar

My wife knows how much a well designed glass can add to the cocktail. She bought me a set for my birthday last year and I couldn't be happier. The style is so unique, and I always enjoy the reaction of my guests when I hand them a tequila cocktail presented in one of my Oaxaca Glass.

Dave v.B.
Stellar customer service

The glasses are beautiful and functional, and the company has excellent customer service. Well done!